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Nini Supported Living Accommodation for 18 to 25 years

Nini Supported Living offers Semi-Independent Accommodation to young people aged 18 to 25 years and who have been ‘Looked After by the Local Authority’. The accommodation is normally shared by young people of similar age and capacity. However, some young people may have an assessed need to be accommodated in a standalone flat. We ensure their voice is heard by all professionals and family members involved in their care. We support them to develop life skills that will support them to have a secure and stable life after 25 years.  Supporting young people to secure and sustain education and employment is key to our intervention at Nini Supported Living Service.

How we help our young People

Specialist Services for Young People 18 to 25 years

  • Anger Management Training
  • Domestic Abuse Services for Perpetrators (Male and Female)
  • Domestic Abuse Services for Victims (Male and Female)
  • Training on managing tenancies
  • One to One and group training on Drug and alcohol
  • Supporting young people/families that might be at risk of deportation.
  • Supporting young parents with parenting skills.
  • Training on confidence building and self esteem
  • Support and training on addiction services
  • Gang intervention

Lifelong Support till 25 years

  • Support with finance management
  • Support with Career Development
  • Support with CV writing and Interview techniques Training
  • Support with securing employment
  • Monthly 1-hour support session with young people
  • How to cope with poor mental health needs

Independent Skills 18 to 25 years

  • Provide 1 to 1 support and 24 hours Unit
  • Training on budgeting and other life Skills
  • Training on Daily living skills and how to cook under limited budgets
  • Monitor on how young people are managing their finance
  • Support with education and Career Development
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Support with CV writing and Interview techniques and accessing education
  • Supporting with moving into independent living with our Sister Agency Nini 18 plus services.
  • Support to young people at risk of sexual exploitation

keyworker support packages

We allocated key working support based on assessed needs. All key work support is on 1 to 1 intervention for several hours a week. The assessment of needs is completed by the manager of the unit, social worker and young person.

Personalised Care for Young People

              • 1 to 1 support
              • Provide additional support for asylum seeking young people
              • Provide parenting support to young mothers and fathers
              • Addiction Services
              • Gang related intervention

Support provided can take the form of

              • Befriending
              • Mentoring
              • Counselling
              • Independent Skills Training

What makes us Unique?

Nini Supported Living offers addiction services for young people with drugs and alcohol dependency through our specialist addiction worker who is also a registered nurse.
We can provide different peer groups forum for young people to explore their worries with others and identify how best it can be managed.
We provide 1 to 1 or group forums on developing independent living skills, enhance emotional resilience as well as improve self-esteem
We maintain positive relationship with our young people to ensure their transition into adulthood is as smooth as possible.
Our registered social worker ensures that CSE risk assessment is completed on young people that go missing on their return.

We complete risk assessment on young people that may be at risk of gang affliction and when appropriate escalate the concerns to relevant agencies.
We provide weekly and monthly report to the allocated social worker.