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There are many reasons why a supervised contact may be necessary between a child and significant adults/children (siblings) in their life. Some of the reasons could be relationship breakdown between parents or safeguarding concerns about the individuals wanting contact with a child. Nini Child Contact Service provide experienced personnel to supervise contacts between children and parents or any significant person to the child.We undertake both private and public law casework and are happy to supervise sessions in the community, at private homes or in contact centers.We are family focus but with the child in the centre. We pride our service as being culturally dynamic in meeting the needs of ethnic minority group.


We provide child handover service for parents or significant adults that have poor relationships between themselves.

The child handover can be from a local community place or our office (where appropriate). We keep note of any significant incidents during handovers.

There will be a supervisor to handover the child, key incident report will be provided when appropriate if case is open to social services.


Our team of experienced staff provides short or long team work for families that are on the CIN or CP Plan.

We provide similar services to self-referred families. We encourage families to seek support before social services involvement. We may sometimes provide services for free to families not open to social services.

Our experienced staff meets the family usually at their home and supports them to help themselves to manage their day to day routines and appointments that they may be struggling with.

A brief report will be provided to the allocated social worker or kept on our file for 6 years in line with Data Protection Act.