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At Nini Social Care, we believe that being a parent is the most important job there is, thus we provide training for parents that “struggles with parenting” in a safe manner.

Our primary focus is always with the primary care given to/for child however we encourage the second adult to be involved in the training as it is of great benefit for the family.
This program covers the following client group:

Teenage parents

·         Parents with alcohol and/or drug issue

·         Parents living with mental health issues

·         Parent living or in an abusive relationship

·         Parents who has been placed on parenting order.

This program is an intensive 16 weeks long for 3 hours each week, the program will involve observation of the client’s parenting at home for 2 days of which one of the days will be unannounced visit. Each of these days will be a full day – from 6am to 9pm, partly observed by qualified social worker, health visitor and family support worker.

A detailed report will be provided to the referrer during the program as well as at the end of the program.