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This programme is designed for individuals who have appeared before the Court following an offence of assault against their partner(s) (e.g. wife/husband, ex-wife/ex-husband, and girlfriend/boyfriend or ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend e.t.c). As well as individuals who are requested by their social workers to attend the program as part of a care plan for the child in order to re-establish relationship with a parent known to be a perpetrator. We welcome clients who referred themselves due to self-identified issues. In any of these cases the client must be willing to engage with the program. We provide expert risk assessment, a violence prevention programme for perpetrators and a woman’s support service for victims.

A detailed report will be provided to the referrer during the program as well as at the end of the program.

The program is 26 weeks long for 2 hours each week. Part of the program will be a live drama by professionals as well as the clients with the view of bring their behaviour to live.

This program will cover the crucial areas of parenting program therefore a client attending this course does not need to attend parenting program. The report will also cover parenting.