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About the course:

This course is aimed at those who work with children in a variety of settings including schools, youth programmes, family support centres, community groups etc. The course aims to enhance awareness and encourage good practice.

Course benefits:

This course will help participants to:

  • Explore attitudes and values with regard to safeguarding children

  • Basic understanding on broad meaning of child abuse and neglect

  • Deal disclosures in an appropriately manner

  • Have an awareness of how a child’s race, culture, gender and ability inform an assessment of their needs as well as how they disclose abuse.

  • Understand how to inform the appropriate authority

  • Action an appropriately behaviour on suspicion or knowledge that a child may be at risk of suffering harm

  • Basic understanding on the roles of professionals within the Child Protection system.

  • Basic understanding on how discrimination can impact on children and families going through the social care system