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  • NRPF and Human Rights Assessments – Children & Families
  • NRPF and Human Rights Assessments – Adults

About the course:

To identify who is eligible and who is not eligible for support under social services legislation.

  • The use legislation and case law to help resolve complex cases.

  • To learn how to complete a Human Rights Assessment on its own as well as incorporating Human Right Assessment into social care assessments and reports.

  • To employ good practice in assessing and supporting individuals and families.

  • Awareness of the resources that are available within the service and others.

Course benefits:

This course introduces key issues, relevant legislation and case law, assessments and human rights considerations, for adults, children & families and care leavers.

  • No recourse to public funds – introduction and overview

  • Key legislation

  • Assessing eligibility for support

  • Integrating Human Right Assessment in all social care reports and assessments – adults, children and families.

  • Seeking and finding support from country of origin embassy in UK or from the actual country or charity organizations

  • EEA rights and the habitual residence test

  • Good practice in assessing and supporting people with NRPF

  • Case studies

The final day is spent conducting a ‘live’ assessment with professional actors which is then subject to group feedback. This is a real ‘hands on’ course.